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Just a short one, all in black and white. Fuck you, black is so a colour. I actually like this. Short, to the point, fun to make and looks reasonably like what I wanted. If I can get the inking right, this will be bitchin’.

And this nearly happened the night my dissertation was done. Ouchie.



Growing Up, Moving On - Episode #6 - TAKE THAT!

Another one in colour… I fail at inking (the attempts at which form the borders on panels 1 and 3), and when I fail I end up getting greedy and colouring. Next time I’m going to use black, which is totally a colour.

You might notice that the background (the sofa) is pencilled and nothing else. I just wanted to see what it looked like. I apologise for the repeated inconsistencies in the comics, I’m just trying to find my footing.

Anyways, this actually happened. The first time my mate ever heard about Phoenix Wright was when I yelled at my DS.

More soon.


Both Sides of the Coin

Here it is, the result of messing about trying to learn how to ink. You might notice it’s coloured. I gave up on inking when the pen tool kept jerking me around.

Not much to say about it really. I like the way it turned out, but I really don’t want to have to colour them all. I really want it to look inked! (Not like this, which I just did with an actual pen in RL.)

Maybe I’ll get it soon. I’m gonna get my ass Photoshop this week.

In other news, MY DISSERTATION IS DONE! I bound it, handed it in, drank a few pints and laughed about it all being done and dead. I’m pleased about how it came out, even if I had reached the stage where I really didn’t give a flying fuck whether it was legible or not. It’s done. That’s what counts.

Hooray! Join me for a party.


Right, so I goes up to Uni to use their Photoshop. I’m pretty excited, I watched a load of tutorial videos online – a whole bunch of good ideas. “I can do this!” I thought, pumping my victory fist into the air in preparatory celebration.

Except it doesn’t work. I follow the advice. I do it. I right-click, go to “Stroke Path” and… it doesn’t work. It’s there, on the page, but it looks like pencil and not brush, which I selected. Repeatedly.

So I tries again. And this time I can’t even select “Stroke Path”. The option isn’t even there! What the fucking fuck? What did I do? All the options were set… except I can’t “Stroke”. Gah!

Is there anyone out there who can teach me this shit? All I want is the ability to ink, so it looks halfway professional, like Three Panel Soul, or anything.

So, instead of practicing inking on a comic, I ended up inking the fucking thing, which I didn’t want to do because it would look shit.

The end result? Bah. Coming soon.

A Photoshop Test, In COLOUR!

Here’s the result of an afternoon teaching myself Photoshop. I say “teaching myself”, but there were two Internet videos involved and a lot of guesswork. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but then I am also easily pleased by two year olds drawing in Microsoft Paint and there’s not much difference between that and what’s above.

I drew it in pen, which I don’t normally do (unless I’m in class) and realised too late that I’d fucked up the hand and that it was too late to change it. I tried to cover it up, but it’s really obvious. All the missmatches in colour and the random lines of colour are where I was experimenting and failed spectacularly (something about placing layers on top of each other, I think.)

I don’t actually plan on colouring every panel (this alone took me several fucking hours), but it’s nice to know that I can at least attempt to. Now maybe I can make everything look “inked”. That would rock.

And, yes, I am using this to put off my dissertation. Goddammit.

“Dissertation Insanity”

Right! New comic! This is the last of the pre-prepared already-lettered ones I have lying on my desktop.  I don’t know when the next update will be. (Fucking Easter, screwing up all the open times…)

There’s not much to say about this one. The only panel I like is the expression in the last frame. The rest suck. Part of the reason I wanted to do a comic is to challenge myself with every panel, so this time I thought, “Hey, I don’t do profile pictures! Why not set a comic mostly in profile?” Well now I know why I don’t do profile. It stinks. I have a few more comics being sketched and none of those will feature profile (okay, one panel, but I’ll make it better, promise.)

My hair and face have actually grown since I started this dissertation, it’s not quite that long. I refuse to shave my face or head until this is finished! Luckily, this is going to be soon. I am so nearly there I can taste it. Only one more dissertation-based punchline coming your way, then we can talk about other things. Like jelly.

In other news, I have a wisdom tooth, which is hurting like a mother. Must get some Bonjella, excuse me.



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Right. I am so nearly there. So very nearly there I can see the end of the goddamn tunnel. My dissertation is 99% complete, with all the other hand in crap being around 50% there.

On Tuesday Jack and I will get this bound. It will be done. I shall post comics to celebrate! And I shall reward myself with learning how to use Photoshop like a ninja, instead of a n00b. I don’t want shading, or colours or anything, I just want to be able to use it – currently I sit in front of it like a child looking at its first game, going “uhhhh…?” If I could use Photoshop to even half the level of Ian McConville… jeez. That guy is badass. 

I watched Mad Max today. I was disappointed. It might have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t realise until after the film ended that I’d watched the whole bloody thing in dub-o-vision, with stupid American “everyone sounds the same” voice acting, but that didn’t detract from the way I felt underwhelmed at the end.

Anyway, enough timewasting. Back to the grind.

“Working Hard Or Hardly Working?”

Okay, here is Episode 3, as promised. I quite like this one, I think it turned out pretty well. I love the hand in the fifth panel (small details, yes, but I love them!) and this marks the first role for Cohbie, my girlfriend. She would probably be mad at me if I didn’t put her in it (but don’t tell her that).

More tomorrow. Just have to finish this goddamn dissertation today!


Brand New Update!

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Right, I have two more comics ready and lettered. I kinda like them, but I’m going to upload them tomorrow and Saturday, as I’m busy on my dissertation. It’s surprising just how many jokes I’ve gotten out of writing ten thousand fucking words. I’m almost there on it. The hand in date is next Wednesday (26th March) and once it’s out of my hands… well, I’ll be able to do more comics. Which is what I want to do. Yay.

“Fun With Tentacles”

Okay! Second comic up. Two comics in one day. Pretty good stuff. I’ve actually doubled my previous best for comics. Yay!

Anyway, these two were mostly tests of the uni software. I’ve never used Photoshop before, so I had no fucking clue of how I should work it. I like the way this one turned out – I just erased all the handwritten dialogue and wrote my own. Until I learn how to draw my own speech bubbles in Photoshop, this is how it’ll be done. Except I’ll lay it out better on the page, etc.

Anyway, these two are completely fictional characters I’ll bring in from time to time when I need a cheap laugh. After all, tentacle rape is humorous, ci? That’s what I thought. Enjoy. Until whenever I post again…