A Photoshop Test, In COLOUR!

Posted: March 22, 2008 in Musings
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A Photoshop Test, In COLOUR!

Here’s the result of an afternoon teaching myself Photoshop. I say “teaching myself”, but there were two Internet videos involved and a lot of guesswork. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but then I am also easily pleased by two year olds drawing in Microsoft Paint and there’s not much difference between that and what’s above.

I drew it in pen, which I don’t normally do (unless I’m in class) and realised too late that I’d fucked up the hand and that it was too late to change it. I tried to cover it up, but it’s really obvious. All the missmatches in colour and the random lines of colour are where I was experimenting and failed spectacularly (something about placing layers on top of each other, I think.)

I don’t actually plan on colouring every panel (this alone took me several fucking hours), but it’s nice to know that I can at least attempt to. Now maybe I can make everything look “inked”. That would rock.

And, yes, I am using this to put off my dissertation. Goddammit.


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