Archive for March 24, 2008

Right, so I goes up to Uni to use their Photoshop. I’m pretty excited, I watched a load of tutorial videos online – a whole bunch of good ideas. “I can do this!” I thought, pumping my victory fist into the air in preparatory celebration.

Except it doesn’t work. I follow the advice. I do it. I right-click, go to “Stroke Path” and… it doesn’t work. It’s there, on the page, but it looks like pencil and not brush, which I selected. Repeatedly.

So I tries again. And this time I can’t even select “Stroke Path”. The option isn’t even there! What the fucking fuck? What did I do? All the options were set… except I can’t “Stroke”. Gah!

Is there anyone out there who can teach me this shit? All I want is the ability to ink, so it looks halfway professional, like Three Panel Soul, or anything.

So, instead of practicing inking on a comic, I ended up inking the fucking thing, which I didn’t want to do because it would look shit.

The end result? Bah. Coming soon.