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Bitchin\' shading.

Hyper shading +1. Told ya so.

Everyone, meet Alex. He’s a good friend, but he’s constantly overworked. Guy needs a beer. I really like how this comic came out. I’ve done two more after this, but I think this one looks better.

And now a brief history lesson:

This is my third attempt to do a webcomic. The first one is here. It can be found by clicking “Kreatives” then “comics”, then “Majinu”. It was something Jack and I worked on from Jan ’06 to March ’07. It changed a hell of a lot before those four comics went up and we ended up giving them to our friend Katja to put on her site. She would scan them in and add the text, then email them to the webmaster in Germany, who was very busy and took a month to actually upload them. I did another four, but I have no hope of them ever appearing. “Majinu”, in webcomic form, is well and truly dead. However, we’re working on several other ways to use it.

The second form is here. Note the equally pretentious comic title. The story with this one was that I just wanted to prove to myself that it was possible to get a comic online and so I did it. The reason I didn’t ever keep it up is mostly because I lost my login details, but also because of that fucking format. I hate it. There’s nothing I can do with it. 4×1 was a stupid choice. I prefer what I have here – if I feel like changing it, I will.

And the tags are still working! Seriously, this is a blog site. What do you hope to achieve by searching for “hentai” tags? I WILL TELL YOUR MOTHER.

Until Thursday, brush your teeth. The dentist is ALWAYS WATCHING.



Decent art and decent colouring. I\'m getting there.

Here we are. I really like how this one came out – decent ink art combined with a growing understanding of photoshop into a fairly good comic. And just to show you how much I’ve learned about drawing in just a few weeks, here’s the first version of this comic:


You can see how boring and static it is. Just by changing the view on three of the panels gives a much more dynamic feel to the whole thing. Also: shading is awesome. The next comic will have hyper shading +1.

Oh, and the tags? Turns out they worked very well at attracting visitors – mostly from Spain and Italy. Weird. So they’re sticking around for a while. Hola! Bonjourno!



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Sorry for not posting a comic yesterday. It wasn’t because I was busy – on the contrary, I worked so fucking hard I got all my work done, plus both comics for this week.

What actually happened was that Cohbie managed to trip over the Internet cable and actually rip the socket off the wall. I’ve no idea how, but there you go. It means that posting requires me to go into Uni and use the net, a right pain in the arse.

Anyway comic sometime tomorrow.

Also, 34 hits on Monday! New record. Jack, stop linking me to Asian porn, thanks.


Steve, if you\'re reading this, Sally\'s been screwing with the gardener while you\'re out. I\'m sorry, bro, she made me promise not to tell. By the way, the gardner\'s not as big as you, at least in the trouser department. I guess it\'s because he buys her presents, know what I\'m saying? Show the woman some love now and again, man. See you at work tomorrow. 

I’ll be honest about this one. I’m currently pressed for time and made a right hash of it. It’s the last time I don’t ink by hand and erase the fucking pencil. Gah, what a mess.

Anyways, yesterday, for whatever reason, thirty one people came to see my little page, breaking my previous record by about four people. Hooray! One of the visits was because someone searched WordPress tags for “buttsex” and ended up at comic #3. Hence the ridiculous tags I’ve added to this one. Thank you to the thirty one visitors yesterday, or to the one person who came back thirty times.

Also, Sophie, if you’re reading this, which font is best? I couldn’t decide so I’ll let you pick from the five I used here. Cheers.

I’m unsure if there’ll be a comic on Tuesday. I have a fuckton of work to get done and it’s due in next Wednesday. Energy drinks, here I come.


A Bitchin\' Ride Through time and Space

Here we go. I’m pretty happy with how this one came out – especially panel 3. Don’t really have much else to say. Maybe I’ll comment more later.#


Forgot to mention, this one is inked in Photoshop. I figured out how – I just changed the image mode to “Bitmap” and it worked like a dream. Hooray.



Anyway, it’s been a while since I actually posted on here. A lot’s happened. I handed in my dissertation and spent two, three (how many were there?) days celebrating the event. Then I began struggling with draft two of my Major Script and now I’m here.

You might notice I managed to get the speech bubbles working, and the style of colour a little better. It’s pretty good, I think. Oh, I also managed to finally figure out how to ink the motherfucker too. Big day for me. Next time we’ll have something that maybe – just maybe – looks halfway decent.

I’ve also decided on my update schedule – either Tuesday-Thursday or Wednesday-Friday, depending on how work (on Tuesday) dicks around with my time.

So, then, until Tuesday.