Growing Up, Moving On – Episode #12: Workload

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Comics
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Bitchin\' shading.

Hyper shading +1. Told ya so.

Everyone, meet Alex. He’s a good friend, but he’s constantly overworked. Guy needs a beer. I really like how this comic came out. I’ve done two more after this, but I think this one looks better.

And now a brief history lesson:

This is my third attempt to do a webcomic. The first one is here. It can be found by clicking “Kreatives” then “comics”, then “Majinu”. It was something Jack and I worked on from Jan ’06 to March ’07. It changed a hell of a lot before those four comics went up and we ended up giving them to our friend Katja to put on her site. She would scan them in and add the text, then email them to the webmaster in Germany, who was very busy and took a month to actually upload them. I did another four, but I have no hope of them ever appearing. “Majinu”, in webcomic form, is well and truly dead. However, we’re working on several other ways to use it.

The second form is here. Note the equally pretentious comic title. The story with this one was that I just wanted to prove to myself that it was possible to get a comic online and so I did it. The reason I didn’t ever keep it up is mostly because I lost my login details, but also because of that fucking format. I hate it. There’s nothing I can do with it. 4×1 was a stupid choice. I prefer what I have here – if I feel like changing it, I will.

And the tags are still working! Seriously, this is a blog site. What do you hope to achieve by searching for “hentai” tags? I WILL TELL YOUR MOTHER.

Until Thursday, brush your teeth. The dentist is ALWAYS WATCHING.



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