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Ladies and Gentlemen, today we broke the 1,000 views threshold. Personally, I never thought this would happen. Thank you all, be you people who I know that read it because I would cry if you didn’t, or people looking for hentai who came in here by accident and were left disappointed. Thank you.

In other news, I shall say this only once:

If you have yet to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



Alex\'s fault. Totally not mine.

First: Alex wrote this. He calls it “a distillation of all our conversations in one”. Thank you very much for this, mate. Hope Jack doesn’t mind. Although he is right about me being a fat bastard. Alex is skinny – he lives on energy provided by computer screens.

Second, it looks pretty good, I think. The art style is pretty good. I like where it’s going. I looked back at the early ones the other day and wondered why the hell I even put them up. It bodes well for however long I do this.


One of Jack’s oldest and bitterest enemies returns: Billy the Hatchetman! Last time they met, the Hatchetman killed three of Jack’s sexiest lovers… what awaits him this time? Tune in for “Spartan and the Warlord” RIGHT NOW.


I kinda like how it came out. The trees (splodges) were fun to do. I’m enjoying making these comics more and more – the black and white look is really simple to do and really fun. It comes out looking pretty damn good, too.

And, yes, this was a real incident. Alex, would you like to say anything?

Tune in next time for the greatest romantic horror ever conceived:

“With All My Blood!” When a vampire falls for a magic scarecrow, the enemies of the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron attempt to use the romance for their own ends. Can Jack’s girls survive an assault on eight fronts? Not likely! See you next time!


Woo yeah this one looks fracking awesome!

I really like how this one came out. Adding in shadows and backgrounds actually works well in the monotone colours here and the result is something really quite good. The final panel doesn’t look quite so good, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in such a long shot. Bah!

Tune in Queezelsday for a brand new one-shot adventure: “Doomsday”! Featuring all your favourite recurring characters in a musical spectacular! Dances! Prances! Naked lust played out in song form! Dont miss it for the love of God!


It doesn’t look too bad. Think it came out pretty well, just getting my head around the whole “black hair on black background” thing. Looks okay though. And I like drawing Alex. His head is fun.

Not much else to say about it, really.

Tune in tomorrow for more thrilling adventures:

After managing to convince his one-time lover Mikiko that she is carrying another man’s child, Jack has most of the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron reformed, but only one person is missing – Mitsuki! Will he be the one to convince her to finally quit drinking and get back in her schoolgirl uniform? Only time will tell: “Daddy, Please Let Me Cry” began three seconds ago!


Woohoo style change!

Here we go – a style change.

I was getting annoyed with how the last comic came out, so I looked back through the archives. It was then that I realised the only comic I really liked the look of was Celebrations. So I decided, ‘to hell with it’ and threw away all the greys.

I like the look of this one. It works really well and, considering it’s the first time I’ve done it, it looks halfway decent. I’m nearly happy with it.

Next week:

After the shocking revelation that Mikiko is pregnant with Jack’s baby from that super-hot threesome, our hero must come to term with himself. This can only mean one thing: a reunion with his ex, Kizuki! Tears, fears and blistering sexual tension: “The Way We Were” begins yesterday!


Pretty Meh. I can\'t tell if the bubbles are grey or white. MY eyes hurt. Where I am? What day is it?

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s a little something from the depths of my private life. One of those real “why would you even say that?” moments that only 2am tiredness can bring. Ah well.

As for the comic itself, it doesn’t look too bad, the greys came out quite well, still adding plenty of fun depth to the drawing. The only problem is that big white patch on Cohbie’s face in panel 2. What the hell was that about? Anyway, the style is getting kinda stale now, and the greys are hurting my eyes. I made this one several weeks ago and I still don’t know if the speech bubbles are white or grey. If you can see clearly enough to decide, please let me know. And now, for the original:

Yeah, nothing to say about this, really.

I drew the original to this months ago. It was one of those comics I liked the joke for, and was confident that I could make something good out of it, but I had no idea what was wrong with the layout and refused to work on it until I knew what it was. Then I realised that it looks really bloody stale and boring. Condensing four panels to three made the list of commands seem much more demanding, making the eventual snap funnier. Also, I was going to do this in chibi style, which clearly wasn’t going to work. It’s funnier if the final panel is all in chibi style, especially if the joke is as silly as the characters look. (Or you run out of space… that happens a lot to me.)

Tune in next time:

After Sixby’s stunning revelation, Jack has no choice but to reform the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron,  but is it too late? With Morgotron’s influence spreading throughout the galaxy and the mighty Imperial Death Fleet heading for Earth, what chance do five teenage schoolgirls have? They aren’t even armed! New epic storyline “The Past Ends Tomorrow” begins next Friday! Don’t miss a second!