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New Comic

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Musings
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Head over to Movie-Moron to see a new comic that was made before my computer buggered up.

Also, Sheridan tells me that even MTV liked that one! Which is good. Except it didn’t impact my hit counter in any way…

GUMO is on Hiatus

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Musings
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Ladies and gentlemen, it saddens me to announce that GUMO is stopping for a couple of weeks. I’m moving out of my flat and going on holiday, so I don’t have the time to make comics. And with Photoshop buggering up on me, I don’t have the resources to make them either.

GUMO returns early July. If not the first week, then likely the second. I don’t know what it’ll look like either. Safe bet that it will look like it did in the beginning, with handwritten dialogue. It’s going to be tough, but dammit I want to keep this going.

See you in July.



Posted: June 18, 2008 in Musings
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So today my hit counter went off the freaking chain. Honestly, I have no idea why. Personally, I can imagine Alex sitting in front of his computer, desperately trying not to do his work, constantly reopening the page.

The previous best for hits was a comfortable 54. That was several weeks ago. Today it currently stands at a whopping 88. Eighty eight. I don’t even know 88 people! Awesome.

Which is why it’s so fucking frustrating that today is the day my copy of Photoshop decided to bugger up. That’s right. I had two comics almost ready, just needing a quick dialogue-up. Then PS breaks down and I’m stranded.

GUMO was going to suffer for a few weeks anyway – I’m moving out of my Uni flat to go back home as I write, and I’m going on holiday for a week and I had no idea when it would be updated – it’s just so annoying that it had to cock-up right at the point when I started becoming happy with the finished product. And I’m damn tough to please.

So, I shall try and crank out a comic for tomorrow, however, the dialogue will be hand written and there won’t be any black. Hell, at least it’s not a Dead Piro Day.

Love ya Alex.

I’ll write more later. Epic, fantastic, brilliant weekend. Need a shower.

Also, before I do that: check out Movie-Moron for a comic that hasn’t gone up here! Special! Exciting! Fun!


Weekend was fantastic. Went to see 3 of the 4 dates TNA Wrestling was in the UK on their first ever (sold out!) tour. Phenomenal stuff, met several wrestlers and all. And yesterday I went to a press preview of the TNA game (I be a professional likes that) and I can exclusively reveal that the TNA iMPACT! videogame utterly fucking rocks – even though my friend Charles and I were playing a several month-old buggy demo of the game, it kicks the SHIT out of Spankdown Vs Whore. Amazing.


What’s this… two posts in two days? Have the walls of Hell broken? No. Calm down. Actually, I’m visiting a friend in Birmingham this weekend and I’m leaving later on today. I know when I’m reading a comic that I’d rather have my week’s fill than a crap filler art and a “Sorry!” message. (You hearing me, Piro?) So you get it a day early. This also means that there won’t be a Jack Day this week. But then again, he hasn’t drawn me one. 😛

Also: the best tag I’ve ever had for the comic is “literotica”. Just throwing that out there.

Next week:

After single handedly nuking an entire city with his rage, Jack sets off to a distant planet, intent on forgetting everything. But how can he when Mikiko’s ghost follows him everywhere? “Let Go Of My Past” begins today at 18:56. Don’t miss out!


Here’s to you, Jack.

I’m trying out something with the colours – please excuse while I experiment. It came out looking pretty good, especially panels 3 and 4. I’m quite happy with it.

Next Issue: “The Death of Mikiko”! So soon after getting together with her long-time lover Jack, Mikiko is mercilessly mown down in a spray of gunfire and semen. How far will this push Jack to the edge? Very far, as he finally retrieves his prized shotgun from the forgotten box under the bed. WIth revenge on his mind and rage controlling him, how much blood will be lost in the night of war?

TUNE IN NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW too late you missed it.


MGS is one of the few areas where Jack and I differ greatly. I loathe the games with an almighty vengeance, while Jack appreciates them for their style.

With the arrival of MGS4, Jack decided to draw a celebratory comic featuring everything he loves about the series. This is his gift to you.


She apparently did have an itch.

Lots of delicious white. Too much? Hmm.

My eye infection is much better today. Very pink.

I’ve got something brewing – should be seeing results very soon.

By the way, I discovered that somebody had found the GUMO page through this. Hilarious.

Next Parsec:

A special pornographic episode, featuring plenty of adult material! Think “Debbie Does Dallas”, but waaay more hardcore. I’m tired, shut the fuck up. See you next day!


I’ll write more later. I’m having trouble seeing right now.


So I have an eye infection. This pretty much sucks. I don’t know what caused it, but I have one very red X-Men style eye that’s nowhere near as awesome as I made it sound. I don’t like dealing with eyes, so taking eye drops every two hours is going to be an interesting experience.

Moving on, the comic came out very well – in fact, I’d call it the best one I’ve done so far. Every panel looks good, the characters look great and the shading holds up well.

Next Season on GUMO:

“The Miller’s Revenge!” Frustrated by a lack of progress, D.I. Alex enlists Jack’s help in stopping serial sex offender. Will the two be able to put aside their differences long enough to catch the perp? Will Alex finally admit that he’s the father of Mikiko’s unborn child? TUNE IN THREE DAYS AND TEN SECONDS FROM NOW.


I suppose it\'s all my fault

I suppose I only have myself to blame…

Adam: Hey, Jack, I was wondering if you wanted to do something for my comic?
Jack: Sure! What did you have in mind?
Adam: Well, just something to put up on a Sunday, you know? My hits go down at the weekend, so I want to put a stop to that.
Jack: Okay, I’ll draw you a Magpie. And I won’t put any effort into it. It’ll be well funny!

I would have cleaned the image up, but it loses a little something in the translation.

Piro has Dom. I have Jack. Try not to think of it as a punishment. Honestly.