Jack Day: In Tribute To Metal Gear Solid

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Comics, Jack's Comic Extravaganza!
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MGS is one of the few areas where Jack and I differ greatly. I loathe the games with an almighty vengeance, while Jack appreciates them for their style.

With the arrival of MGS4, Jack decided to draw a celebratory comic featuring everything he loves about the series. This is his gift to you.


  1. Jack says:

    To be fair, that looked a lot better in real life.

    You crumpled it, thus damaging my quality drawing. I should sue.




    I don’t just like Metal Gear Solid because it’s stylish (although it is), I also like it because it’s got high-tension, complicated and highly engaging realistic military action spliced with an insane anime-ish plot about genetically modified supersoldiers and men who shoot bees. And robotic ninjas. And giant robots. And evil Russian sharpshooters.

    You get stuff in Metal Gear you’d never find in any other game. That’s a double-edged comment, but it’s why I play the games.

  2. ad4m22 says:

    You forgot to mention the hours and hours of pointless cutscenes featuring the worst writing ever conceived. Seriously – Solid Snake is never told anything before he goes into the mission and has to be told it all in very long monologues while he sits and listens.

    Fuck you, Hideo Kojima. Fuck you hard.

  3. Alex says:

    I second the fucking of Hideous Kokjama. Hard. With intent.

  4. ad4m22 says:

    With a fucking lead pipe dildo.

  5. Jack says:

    I can only hope that one day I get the artistic vision and auteur skill of Kojima-San.


    And you get told information piecemeal because a) It’s a very complicated plot and getting all of it at once would take ages and b) It increases the tension by keeping the player in the dark.

  6. ad4m22 says:

    How exactly does it keep you in the dark? Everyone tells you EVERYTHING, including what they were doing before the game started, whether you want to know or not! Horseshit, I call horseshit!

  7. Alex says:

    MGS is boring. Fuck you, Rome Total War for the win!

  8. ad4m22 says:

    Ah, your love for project managment never ceases to amaze.

    To be fair, I have sat and watched Total War at work for several hours and it’s much better to watch than MGS.

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