Growing Up, Moving On – Episode #26 – Alex Vs The Spanish

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Comics
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Love ya Alex.

I’ll write more later. Epic, fantastic, brilliant weekend. Need a shower.

Also, before I do that: check out Movie-Moron for a comic that hasn’t gone up here! Special! Exciting! Fun!


Weekend was fantastic. Went to see 3 of the 4 dates TNA Wrestling was in the UK on their first ever (sold out!) tour. Phenomenal stuff, met several wrestlers and all. And yesterday I went to a press preview of the TNA game (I be a professional likes that) and I can exclusively reveal that the TNA iMPACT! videogame utterly fucking rocks – even though my friend Charles and I were playing a several month-old buggy demo of the game, it kicks the SHIT out of Spankdown Vs Whore. Amazing.


  1. Jack says:

    That was actually very accurate. You didn’t quite get across how he spent over thirty minutes standing still and debating the make of the rifle though… 😛

  2. Alex says:

    That is totally inaccurate it was more like 15 and we thoroughly determined that is was, probably, not a Springfield. The funniest thing was that Jack talked me through walking, running, everything – it was a constant stream of Jackspeak dizzying in its length and inanity.

  3. Alex says:


    Blood spatters not splatters. CSI my friend CSI.

  4. ad4m22 says:

    Pah! CSI died at the start of season 8. Gonna watch me some CSI:NY as Miami was a fat load of cock.

  5. Alex says:

    Indeed Horatio Caine blows goats. Folatio Caine more like.

    But NY sucks too – I only like Vegas, which I never watch because it got old after season 5 – but Grissom rules.

  6. Alex says:

    Also I was commenting on the amount of blood that emerges from the neck stump of the mpc when decapitated by the chain saw enemy. It appears to be about accurate in terms of quantity, allowing for settling within the body thou perhaps in would have pulsed instead of gushed in a steady…emergence as the heart would have still beat for many seconds after separation from the head.

  7. ad4m22 says:

    Season 6 and 7 were absolutely brilliant. Season 8 seemed to totally forget what it was doing. I highly encourage you to watch the two seasons, but stop before 8.

    Horatio Caine is awful. David Caruso, you suck.

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