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Aaand back to the tasty black and white of bygone eras. Lovely stuff. This comic is in tribute to my buddy Charles. I feel the same way you do, man.

There really isn’t much else to say.

Next tomorrow:

A pumpkin grows in size until it covers an entire city! Meanwhile, Jack has been captured onboard the alien vessel and forced to spit in a glass until he dehydrates! With the world being covered in alien pumpkins, and the hero about to pass out from water loss, things look grim for the Earth! Find out what happens next in “Like A Train of Justice!”




As promised, the last hand drawn comic of the three. From Thursday, we’re back to black and white awesomeness. Also, last week we broke 2,000 hits. Good work everyone, especially you.

Next Yesterday:

With the deadly alien attack fleet just hours from obliterating the entire earth, Jack is given a special directive from the President himself: sneak on board the alien vessel and eliminate the king! But will the mission be as easy as he thinks? How will he react when he discovers that the alien king is, in fact, Sixby D’axonburg, back from the dead and very, very vengeful? “The Long Goodbye Kiss of Death and Sorrow” begins its epic four issue arc next Monday! Don’t miss it!


Huzzah. Excuse it looking like shit. Soon this will stop and I can go back to hiding bad art behind huge solid black areas. It was a fun experiment, while it lasted. One more in this style, then we can get back to normality.

How’re you guys? Your hair looks different. Did you lose weight? You can totally tell. Not much else to say.

Next Hour:

The ultimate revenge of Cadal-d’aurs! When Ellise accidentally calls out the name of ancient God during sex, she awakens an old enemy long thought dead! And there’s only one thing on his mind: the secrect children Jack had with Mikiko! Join us next time for “Leave Those Kids Alone!”


Right. In the absence of Photoshop, I’ve managed to get all this working again. Hooray!

I thought I’d start off with a summary of the past three months, before moving on to more current events. So here it is, folks. For the time being at least, GUMO is back.

Coming Up Next:

A vicious battle for the throne leaves Mitsuki in mortal peril and the only way to save her is to sacrifice a champion! Jack goes out for blood attempting to bring in his most hated villain for the altar, but there’s a problem – he was never alive to begin with! “Death Is Not The Answer” ends in forty four hours!

It’s nice to be back.


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I have a house!

I have the Internet!

I have a scanner!

Soon I will have comics!

Watch this space!