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Jack Day: Emo

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Jack's Comic Extravaganza!
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…And time for another Jack Day. He promised me he’d been working on something. And here it is. I’m fairly sure he’s trying to get his own meme started here.

He’s got something very special for you all next week.


Another Thursday rolls around. This one is what I reckon goes on in Sam’s head when Jack and I get talking about famous women we’d like to boink.

Job hunt is slow but steady. We shall see how it pans out.


THE CONCLUSION! With all the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron locked in different parts of the ship, and the alien vessel about to crash into the pumpkin-covered Earth, can Jack break free? Can he rescue the girls? Can he save the world? Can he get a glass of water? And, most importantly, will he finally exact revenge on his nemesis, Sixby D’axonburg? Tune into “Rain Of Blood And Fire” OR YOU’LL MISS IT AND IT WILL BE OVER!


Oh, Ivana… if only your job sounded better… and was going to pay me upfront… we could have been something beautiful!

In other news, I have been all across Bristol on various job interviews. Fingers crossed.

Apologies for the pixellated look to this comic (and the next two). I figured out how to stop that, promise.


It’s part three of our epic storyline! Jack falls into a coma from lack of water and has a vivid dream about pickled onions! Meanwhile, the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron sneak on board the alien vessel, intent on doing major damage – but Sixby D’axonburg is waiting for them! DON’T MISS IT OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!