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Every now and again, I say something that makes me regret being me. This was one of those times… Anthony, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I over-explained it, but I did.

Everything here is 100% true, except for me holding the coathanger. And, yes, I really did mimic the use in panel 4.



Every bloody sunday.

This one came out quite well. I love panel three. It makes me feel warm and squishy.


No Heroics has finished now, but it was a thoroughly excellent British comedy about shit superheroes drinking in a pub. Great stuff. Here our very own shit superhero pays tribute to the art of following up your statments with a guitar riff.


Yes, thanks to the Internet, cakefarts is now something I wish I could unsee, like goatse, tub girl and lemon party. Thank you Internet.

EDIT: Sam would like me to add “eggshute” to this list. I would like to add “2 Girls 1 Cup”. Why were we born with eyes when these things are out there?


I hope he doesn’t mind is all I can say.

EDIT: I cannae speel.


Jack found his market.

“I realised that Bad Whale was funny because it was an animal in a human situation. So now I’ve put a fox in a human situation, and written it for children.”

If your children are suffering from a sexuality crisis, just send them here.

In other news, I finally beat Silent Hill 4 this week. What a terrible fucking game that is! All the tension evaporates halfway through the game when the whole thing turns into a ridiculous escort mission, and the woman you escort is fucking crap! She can’t keep pace, she won’t follow you and if you give her a weapon to defend herself, she’ll try and take on enemies by herself. Is it any wonder I let the bitch die?


Another comic guest written by Alex. Keep ’em coming man, I like them.

But if you overload another panel with dialogue again, I will hunt you down and cut you with spoons.

Jack Day on Sunday. I’ll see you next week!


Hooray for days off! Sadly, it is not today. Tomorrow it shall be. And I shall do exactly as described above.

I wish I had more to say. I’m sure I’ll think of something soon. Just trying not to fall into a rut of working in a shitty supermarket. The hard part is not being too knackered when I get home to look for better jobs. Luckily I am a master of “slacking” – it is one of the requirements to go to Uni.

All together now: “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!”


In case anyone is confused by the final panel, when watching House, you need to yell “BOO” when House appears in the opening titles, and “RIVER”, when the random shot of the river appears in the same credits. Yeah. In-joke. Good one.

Jack, start making next week’s one already! Don’t leave it until the day before again!


Work now, talk later. Have a good day, guys.


Sheesh. What a day. Working is starting to piss me off. I’m looking for jobs that require writing, on the side. Difficulty is, I’m trying to keep ahead of these comics so I don’t shit out some crap stuff. Aw, dammit, Jack still hasn’t made one for Sunday yet. That fuckstain.

I’m thinking about getting some kind of logo to put in the top left corner of every comic. What do you guys reckon? Anyone want to design one? I’m lazy.

I’m going to try and put in a link to the Archives on all the comics this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be easier to browse through this that way.

Also, we broke 3,000 hits today. Good work gang.