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Every now and again, I say something that makes me regret being me. This was one of those times… Anthony, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I over-explained it, but I did.

Everything here is 100% true, except for me holding the coathanger. And, yes, I really did mimic the use in panel 4.



Every bloody sunday.

This one came out quite well. I love panel three. It makes me feel warm and squishy.


No Heroics has finished now, but it was a thoroughly excellent British comedy about shit superheroes drinking in a pub. Great stuff. Here our very own shit superhero pays tribute to the art of following up your statments with a guitar riff.


Yes, thanks to the Internet, cakefarts is now something I wish I could unsee, like goatse, tub girl and lemon party. Thank you Internet.

EDIT: Sam would like me to add “eggshute” to this list. I would like to add “2 Girls 1 Cup”. Why were we born with eyes when these things are out there?


I hope he doesn’t mind is all I can say.

EDIT: I cannae speel.


Jack found his market.

“I realised that Bad Whale was funny because it was an animal in a human situation. So now I’ve put a fox in a human situation, and written it for children.”

If your children are suffering from a sexuality crisis, just send them here.

In other news, I finally beat Silent Hill 4 this week. What a terrible fucking game that is! All the tension evaporates halfway through the game when the whole thing turns into a ridiculous escort mission, and the woman you escort is fucking crap! She can’t keep pace, she won’t follow you and if you give her a weapon to defend herself, she’ll try and take on enemies by herself. Is it any wonder I let the bitch die?


Another comic guest written by Alex. Keep ’em coming man, I like them.

But if you overload another panel with dialogue again, I will hunt you down and cut you with spoons.

Jack Day on Sunday. I’ll see you next week!