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I got bored of black and white. Gonna try and do some experiments for a while. I’m getting fed up of the style, but the problem is the amount of time I have to make each of these…

Today’s comic is compiled with actual quotes from our friends Spanner and Tink. They are awesome and hilarious. If it helps how you read it, Tink is a Geordie.




Photos of our Christmas dinner, last Wednesday. That’s all for the week, folks. Have a very merry Christmas, see you next Tuesday.



And to make up for last week, here is a video:

PS, he hates it when I put things up out of context.



This really did happen.

Not too sure what’ll happen to the schedule next week. There will be one on Tuesday, but that is highly likely to be it for the week. Jack Day on Sunday, as always (except last week…)



Adam is very ill and will talk later.

EDIT: Phew, had some sleep and plenty of orange juice. Feel a hell of a lot better. Anyways, this conversation took place a few weeks ago and Anthony still refuses to tell me his secret. According to Sam, it’s “intense eyes”. So I’ve been staring at women during conversations, with no luck. My mistake was not staring at their eyes.

Also, holy shit it’s Christmas next week! Where the hell did that come from?!



Adam did not enjoy Dune.



Man I hope this comes out okay. It’s dialogue-heavy and it seemed kinda blurry last night when I finished it.

Nope, it’s all good in the hood.

Anyways, I promised a while ago that I had an epilogue for the story and here it is.



I guess I should answer the question that everybody is going to want to know after this…

Yes. It’s true. We are getting a 360 for the house.

EDIT: I don’t know what the fuck is going on with this new WordPress, but I hope they sort it the fuck out soon!



Adam, please write something here later. Until then, GO TO BED.

EDIT: So Jack says this every time we watch Sexcetera, which we do seem to put on quite a lot. It’s gotten to the stage now where he just sighs in disgust at the TV. I find it very amusing.

I am once again out of comic reserves, but I have a massive collection waiting for the scanning. Wish me luck in finding time to do it all!



I don’t have to justify myself. On the plus side, I really love how this one came out. It looks almost… good!