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The club was small, as mentioned, but it was positively teeming with life. Many gentlemen stood around at the bar or sat down in the few available seats. The bar was not that wide and quite long, pushing everyone together. A deep red light bathed the entire room, giving the area a passionate glow. A small stage with a pole and surrounded by mirrors was set up in one corner – this was occupied at intervals throughout the night. The men were all dressed smartly and appeared to be middle-aged bankers, armed with rolls of twenty pound notes and spending upwards of forty pounds for a round of beverages.

And of course there were many women present. All of whom seemed perfectly comfortable and at ease in their various states of undress. The ladies were each dressed after a particular male fantasy – a nurse, secretary, cowgirl, catgirl, pit stop girl, fetish nurse, the list swells – and were an absolute delight to chat to.

After a scant ten minutes observation of the surroundings, Jack and I were approached by our first woman, an incredibly polite and svelte dancer who said she was Kira. She had a hint of Latino blood in her, with wonderfully full lips and an incredible figure – the Latin blood certainly pays off in the back of the trouser department, dear fellow! Kira began conversing with us, establishing various details about our lives and finding out who we were. At this point it would seem that Jack and I swapped beings. I froze up and engaged in eye contact, determined not to lower my gaze for even a moment, while Jack began complementing both her outfit and her figure.