Growing Up, Moving On #78: Housecat 1 – Enter The Bastard

Posted: February 3, 2009 in Comics
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What a strange week. I finally filled my sketchbook, so it’s off to town for me to get another one. Will I have time to knock up one for Thursday? Who knows!

Eagle-eyed readers might notice the use of colour in this one. I’m getting bored with what I’m doing and so I’m trying new things. Right, time for a sandwich. Yum.


  1. Jack says:

    This is an accurate portrayal of events.

    The cat, known as either “Thomas”, “Brinsley-Wellington III” or “that fat little bastard” (if you’re Adam) came to our door and scrabbled for entrance, demanding warmth, food and hugs.

    It also has a penchant for sleeping on my bed for a few hours before clawing at Adam and waddling off home. Bless.

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