Sunday Funday: Pokémon Platinum Diary – Week 5

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Sunday Funday
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Pokémon Platinum Diary: Week 5

Dear Sirs,

I write – go away paperclip – to you with grave concerns regarding the Pokémon on the island of Sinnoh. Just the other night I discovered a Pachirisu scavenging inside my backpack. Given that the diet of these creatures consists of berries, I could not at first understand why I had woken up to see the familiar long white tail topped with three blue spikes poking out from the opening of my backpack.

I sat immediately upright to find out what was going on. The Pachirisu stared at me, its dead grey eyes locked onto mine. The moonlight glinted off its bucktoothed grin. A small static charge briefly lit up its yellow cheeks, almost a flush of anger. I even swear I heard it hiss at me – certainly something I have never heard a Pokémon to do.

As soon as I made to move towards the creature to scuttle it away, it gave off an even bigger electrical charge. This one, I could tell, was a severe warning. I was suddenly afraid. What could this white electric-powered squirrel do to the average man? Would I last long enough to cry for help?

I began to slide my hand very slowly under the pillow my head had been resting on just moments earlier. If I could reach one of the Pokéballs hidden beneath the pillow, maybe I could scare the creature off.

It was as if the Pachirisu knew what I was thinking. It gave a short, barking laugh, twisted with cruelty. Just off to my left, a bush suddenly shook as if a Pokémon had left it very suddenly. It distracted me from the creature ransacking my belongings, for, when I looked back, the Pachirisu was gone.

This would not be so unusual, gentlemen, but the Pachirisu in question was already captured, I am sure of it, which leads me to the disturbing realisation that the Pokémon can escape from their Pokéballs at will.

I have spent the past few days thinking on this difficult and disturbing thought – what if the Pokémon are not our friends? I have been sent to Sinnoh to investigate the region’s claims of legendary Pokémon, but what if the Pokémon do not what to be investigated?

Sinnoh – and many other islands in this area of the Pacific, for that matter – has its entire economy founded on the backs of Pokémon. The creatures are used for fishing, farming, competitions, delivering mail, quick travel and many other things. If this were to collapse… I shudder at the thought, gentlemen.

I apologise for the negative tones of this letter. I shall continue on with my investigation. I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

Until the next time I am able to communicate, gentlemen.


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