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Pokémon Platinum Diary: Week 9

Dear Sirs,

Leave me in peace, paperclip!

I apologise for the length of time it has taken me to send more details of my adventures. I have become severely disturbed by what may or may not be happening on this island.

I stopped to rest along route 218 on my way to Canalave City, in order to take a drink of water from my canteen and take stock of my thoughts. I discovered I was rather more tired than I had anticipated and soon fell into a deep, yet troubling, sleep.

I had a horrendous dream that afternoon. I was looking down from above at my prone body, sleeping under the shade of a honey tree. I could see several Pokémon slowly, tentatively, approaching me. A Krickitune emerged from the long grass and poked my bare arm with a sharp prong. My body did not move.

More and more Pokémon began to emerge from the long grass and approach my prone figure, splayed out beneath the honey tree.

A Buizel tore at my trousers with its sharp teeth and ripped a hole in them. As I stirred, a Shinx and a Bidoof held my hands together while a Ralts tied them together with twine.

As I watched, unable to help my sleeping figure, I willed myself to open an eye. As I did, I could see myself looking up at a Meditite that sat on my chest. It gazed at me with raw hatred and punched me in the face.

I woke up with a start and examined myself. Gentlemen, it horrifies me to say that this events was not a dreamed. I do appear to have been mauled by wild Pokémon. I am terrified for my life and I am going to investigate whether or not this has happened before. Perhaps Pokémon are more aggressive in the eastern parts of the Sinnoh Region.

I hope I can tell you more at a later date.