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410 – Thanksgiving

After an ‘up’ episode comes this ‘down’ episode. It’s a little like nibbling on delicious cake only to be punched in the face with every other bite so hard it bleeds and it’s starting to get really freaking annoying.

It’s thanksgiving but Hiro isn’t happy – Samuel is refusing to give Charlie back and viewing the film has only made his obsession with power grow. He confides in Lydia, who makes him take her back eight weeks to the night of Joseph’s murder, where they discover that Samuel killed him. Who didn’t see that coming? Upon telling Edgar, however, Samuel convinces the circus that the super-fast assassin is the killer, forcing him to flee for the present.

In the Bennett apartment, Claire, Sandra, Lauren and Sandra’s new boyfriend Doug gather for a meal that proves to be so boring it won’t be mentioned in any more detail.

Meanwhile Angela Petrelli returns to her children and is stunned to find that the Haitian hasn’t wiped their memories. She finally tells Nathan/ Sylar (can anyone actually keep up with this utterly fucking horrible plotline?) what happened and in a massive lightening storm, the evil one returns… only to be fought from within by Nathan, who then returns… again. And flies away.

It’s a monumentally crap episode with not a single thing worth mentioning. The plot is now predictable and tiresome, the characters painfully boring and repetitive, the action is lazy and the writing is so awful Tim Kring should be forced to sit down and watch this utterly ghastly Volume from beginning to end just to make sure he knows the difference between what is awesome and what is not:

The only thing Heroes has going for it is…

Nope, I’m out of excuses. I’m an idiot going back to an abusive lover.

1 star