Wii Sports Resort Review

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Review
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Wii Sports Resort Review

With everyone and their grandparents having owned, or at least played, the original launch title game, it’s time for Nintendo to churn out a sequel with a new motion-based gimmick.

This time around, waving your arms around like a loon to the amusement of all present is simply not enough – with the Wii Motion Plus add-on inserted into the bottom of the remote, straightforward games like bowling become much more difficult as the console finally has the ability to sense exactly where your hand is and how it’s moving.

Of the twelve games on offer, it’s pleasing to note that most of them are deeply enjoyable, with only canoeing and cycling being uncomfortable to play – who wants to move their arms that fast for that long? The rest are controlled in a variety of fun and amusing ways, from swordplay’s frantic stabbing to power cruising’s more laid back blasting across the sea. Firm favourites include the intense archery and the highly competitive table tennis, both of which respond to seemingly every slight twitch of your hand – it’s like you’re actually participating, instead of waving bits of white plastic around.

Visually, the game is impressive, from the slight ruffling of trees in the wind to the beautiful sight of Wuhu Island and the stunning draw distance on offer in the Pilotwings-esque flight sim.

Unfortunately, like the last game, this is not something that many people will want to play over and over by themselves. Enjoyment requires friends and a party mood while, criminally, the swordplay game is a single player only experience. Why?

Another great step forward for Nintendo and a tremendous demonstration of the Wii Motion Plus capability – great if you have plenty of friends willing to play, otherwise it’s going to be a very short, if very memorable, experience.



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