Heroes Volume Five: Chapter Thirteen

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Review
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413 – Let It Bleed

As Peter and the others mourn at Nathan’s funeral, convinced he’s died in a plane crash (despite being able to fly), the sulky one himself decides to get a massive strop on and attempts to tackle a random hostage taker armed only with the Haitian’s rather ineffectual ability. Naturally he gets shot but luckily Claire is on hand to get him through it.

Meanwhile Sylar goes after Samuel but gets erectile dysfunction in his head-sawing finger leading to a truly awesome image of Samuel creating a sandstorm that tears Sylar’s face apart. He absorbs Lydia’s power (at least there’s some consistency in the writing office) and his tattoo reveals to him his destiny: Claire.

Edgar returns and goes to Bennett, intending to bring him to Samuel, but is bested, leading to several pointless scenes with the two and Lauren where Edgar flip-flops his allegiance before running away from them both.

It’s just slightly more interesting than the previous episode, but that’s still like comparing getting hit in the crotch with a hammer to being stabbed in the face. Annoyingly, it plays its trump card (seriously, Sylar getting his face chewed off by a sandstorm is absolutely outstanding) before the opening credits, which leads to an episode of cock-teasing and stilted dialogue instead of genuine superheroics.

What’s staggering is that the season is almost at its end and the viewers still don’t know what Samuel is planning, why he needs the Heroes and why it concerns the valley near the carnival. It’s a monumental mess in need of a desperate clean. Hopefully this can all be sorted out and tidied up before the end, allowing a neat finale. Just pray they can bring it all to a satisfying climax and not resort to slamming a goddamn door on the camera again.

2 stars

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