Heroes Volume Five: Chapter Fourteen

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Review
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414 – Close to You

Opening with a monologue by Bennett who mourns over the deepening void between he and his daughter – who really should be on Jerry Springer by now, with all the backstabbing and lies going on – the episode gets off to a moody start. Things get bleaker for Bennett when Lauren leaves him to his quest to find Vanessa, a woman Samuel claims to be in love with.

Bennett gets in touch with Parkman, who is slowly becoming the world’s fattest and least relevant character in any TV show and tries to convince him to join up and stop Samuel. Parkman refuses only to show up later and hypnotise Vanessa into talking with them and set up a trap for their target. Just when you think it’s about to get interesting, Samuel makes a measly crack in the earth, blinds Bennett and runs away with Vanessa. Admitting defeat, Parkman and Bennett head home, with Bennett apologising to his increasingly irritating daughter and Parkman feeling like a coward for not stopping Sylar WHEN HE HAD ALL THOSE CHANCES.

Lydia meanwhile contacts Peter via the plot device compass tattoo that Samuel installed on his arm back in chapter two. Emma uses her siren song to call him to her and the two meet Angela Petrelli, who informs Peter that Emma is going to help kill thousands at some point. Peter takes her power – making it pretty irrelevant that he took gained flight last week – and dreams about Emma playing her cello in the hall of mirrors to the sound of screams before Sylar appears, grinning. To solve this, Peter hilariously and heroically smashes Emma’s cello, taking away the only light in a deaf and dumb woman’s extremely bleak existence.

In Florida, Hiro has himself committed to the same mental home he sent Mohinder to, leaving Ando to rescue them both with his red lightening powers that everybody forgot he had. This leads to a high-larious sequence where Ando accidentally takes medication intended to knock out Mohinder. The three of them escape and Ando magically fixes Hiro with his red lightening (don’t ask) before the three of them teleport to Bennett’s – just as the old dog finally gets it on with Lauren.

There’s nothing to say about this episode. It’s pretty fast and gets a lot done, with the major saving grace being that a lot of plot strands are finally beginning to come together.

2 stars


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