Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Review
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507 – A Good Man Goes To War

And so the first half of the series draws to a close, with a US TV-style break and an almighty cliffhanger. The events of the past six episodes have all been leading up to this one, and it’s a doozy.

After revealing Amy to be a Flesh construct to deceive himself and Rory, the Doctor prepares an army to wage war on the ones responsible: the mysterious Eyepatch Woman and the Headless Monks, who are holed up on the military asteroid of Demon’s Run. However, the only one who refuses to join is River Song, as she knows what’s about the happen: her secret will at long last be revealed, and the Doctor’s struggle will see him lose harder than ever before…

What’s not to like about this episode? Memorable moments abound – from Rory’s fireblazing opening to that ending – stuffed with cracking characters that actually manage to have a little depth to them. The winner here is the excellent Sontaran nurse, both grumpy and excited by the prospect of combat, although honourable mentions to the Silurian swordswoman and her maid, who appear to have a lesbian thing going on.

In fact, it’s a highly adult, pitch-black episode all round, really. There’s a lesbian couple, a gay couple, people having their heads cut off and shut in a box, severed necks twisted into stumps and more shocking sights, but that would be spoiling it.

All in all, this is probably the finest Doctor Who series that’s yet been made. Dark, twisted, clever, tricky and so bloody good, it makes everything Russell T Davies ever did look laughable (which is, you know, accurate). One tiny flaw – we have to wait until autumn for an episode titled ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. Moffat, you tease.

  1. Łowiczanka says:

    The problem with this episode, however, is that most fans had figured out that River was Amy’s kid, over a year ago !! so the ending was a bit flat. That is not to say that
    there aren’t a lot of unanswered questions to keep us hanging on.

    It’s kind of like last year, when I was initially disappointed with most of the season…
    (except of course for the amazing episode: Vincent and the Doctor )
    …then was pleasantly surprised at how the season ended, and tied together everything that went before.

    Moffat has always been my favorite scribe, that is until he started undoing some of his own brilliant work (like changing the Weeping Angels). However, I am confident he will come through for us. Can’t wait till the fall !!

  2. sula7333 says:

    Agree with Łowiczanka about the Weeping Angels yet I myself had not figured out the Amy/River connection. Perhaps the 5th season’s overall shoddiness numbed my brains. To be fair the whole headless monks thing was a bit silly. Their headless!……So what?

    Looking forward to more who later in the year.

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