Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Review

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Review
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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Probably the most essential title to be launched on day one, this is a full, complete 3D version of the excellent 360/ PS3 brawler. All the modes, all the characters – even the achievements are all present and correct. Absolutely everything from the console game has been ported across to the handheld perfectly, with almost no reduction in quality.

The setup is similar to every other fighting game in existence: you select the play mode, pick a character and off you go. There’s a pleasing variety of options, from the story-driven Arcade mode (with seven difficulties) to Trial challenges, where you need to complete a certain set of moves to pass through to the next level.

All thirty five characters are present and correct, from household names like Ryu, Chun Li and Bison, right down to the ones everyone pretends to remember – Cody, anyone? Each character comes with their own move set and their own speed, although you probably won’t play with most of them after you find the character that suits your style.

The 3D effect is perhaps a minor one, but it does add to the overall immersion of the experience. Swamps and jungles now seem to go on forever, crowds are more densely packed, warehouses larger and deeper than ever before. Landing a super or ultra move means that the final blow now happens right in your face, as opposed to taking place on a screen. This increases the intensity enormously and makes every single fight feel so much more epic and personal.

Perhaps the most significant difference is the addition of touch screen controls. Two of each character’s signature moves, as well as their super and ultra combo, are all mapped onto buttons on the touch screen, allowing even the most unskilled player the chance to unleash the devastation. For pro players, these buttons can be changed to other, smaller combos, like grapples and throws. Thankfully, there’s an option to fight online against players who use the same control type as you, meaning that button spammers will still be destroyed by those with skill.

In addition to an excellent online package, this 3DS version also experiments with the StreetPass feature in an interesting way, even without the game cartridge inserted. The figures you unlock by earning Figure Points (or by converting your hard-earned Play Coins) can be arranged into a team of five, each with a different set of stats. StreetPass anyone else who has done the same thing and you figures will battle, with the winner earning more Figure Points to buy more team members. It’s simplistic, but strangely absorbing, requiring real dedication to finding the ideal team.

Unfortunately, the game does still suffer from the same flaws as its bigger brother, namely in that it can become fairly repetitive fairly quickly. Playing online against people who simply spam attacks can be annoying if you don’t have the skill to counteract their moves and – StreetPass aside – there aren’t any features here that take advantage of the 3DS’s unique abilities.

If you’re looking for a great game on day one, then look no further. An enjoyable, reasonably replayable and exceptionally solid game, SSFIV3DE packs one heck of a punch.



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