Columns, Stories & Rants


The Mini Game
Pokemon Platinum Diary Week 1
Pokemon Platinum Diary Week 4
Pokemon Platinum Diary Week 5
Pokemon Platinum Diary Week 6
Pokemon Platinum Diary Week 9
Pokemon Platinum Week 11
#12: Journey to the Snow-Bound City
#13: The Diary of Penny Langthorpe, Age 10 and a Half
#14: Handicap
#15: The Cell
#16: We Are All Prisoners
#17: Enemies
#18: Thickening
#19: The War Begins
#20: Precipice
#21: Marshlands
#22: Heart of Darkness
#23: Circle of Death
#24: Circle of Survival
#25: Poisoned
#26: New Light
#27: Escape


#1: Months of Agony in a Second-Long Sound Effect
#2: Time and Time Again
#3: Opening Cutscene Script: Mirror’s Edge 2

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