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Both Sides of the Coin

Here it is, the result of messing about trying to learn how to ink. You might notice it’s coloured. I gave up on inking when the pen tool kept jerking me around.

Not much to say about it really. I like the way it turned out, but I really don’t want to have to colour them all. I really want it to look inked! (Not like this, which I just did with an actual pen in RL.)

Maybe I’ll get it soon. I’m gonna get my ass Photoshop this week.

In other news, MY DISSERTATION IS DONE! I bound it, handed it in, drank a few pints and laughed about it all being done and dead. I’m pleased about how it came out, even if I had reached the stage where I really didn’t give a flying fuck whether it was legible or not. It’s done. That’s what counts.

Hooray! Join me for a party.