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Alex’s Week

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Musings
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Alex’s Week

Groping through the complexities of Risk Management like a blind man looking for a penny, this week I was struck by my own self indulgent introverted bullnoogies squarely in the metaphysical balls.

Gaaaah! I exclaimed in a packed open access centre, to which I had relocated from my dedicated classroom while it was stripped of asbestos, startling the loathsome mouth breather to my immediate left.

What in hell am I doing with my life?! I screamed to the heavens, in my mind, I am not that far gone yet, I hastily add. My perfectionist tendencies had gotten the better of me after my father died, my desire to grow beyond the dross of my early acquaintance, into a winner, a success, a bloody legend, had closed me off to the necessary and acute immediacy with which all life MUST be lived if it is to be lived with success and pleasure. My damnable but glorious discipline kept me from complaining as I poured my life into my work and kept every hour of the day available for mental pursuits! No More! I say thee NAY! NAY!

As this metaphysical thunderbolt hit I declared – I will go forward from this place with courage for there is only one life to live and I will dedicate mine to MY OWN enjoyment not to nebulous concepts of duty which have held me back my whole life!

I will harness honour and discipline and industry to my own purposes and I will strike out on my own, for my benefit!

Success? I AM SUCCESS!

-Alex Sullivan-Wilson


GUMO #123 - Supervisors

Thank you, Alex. It’s been a good run remembering all the strange times trapped in the world of computers. Next week: something different.


GUMO #121 - Clinging to Sanity

Alex’s recollections of working for an evil IT company will keep us entertained just a little while longer. Please enjoy the Last of the Mohicans theme song:



GUMO #120 - Phone Call From Libby

I’m probably going to have to sort out my schedule somewhen soon. In the meantime, I’ve decided to go the opposite way with the comic and have fun drawing as opposed to spending so much time and energy learning Photoshop.


GUMO #117 - Professionalism - Another Day at the Office

Luckily, Alex has now escaped the madness of IT work and will be entering his final year soon. Put off leaving as long as possible, mate!


GUMO #116 - My Job - Test Monkey

Thanks to Alex for this week’s comic, cheers mate! He’ll be writing next week’s one as well, provided a small snipping of the dialogue takes place.


GUMO #115 - For Truth and Justice

I was slightly rushed for time this week, so I chose to spend a little time learning these background things. I went back to black and white because I’m more comfortable with it. More effort next week, promise.


Work now, talk later. Have a good day, guys.


Sheesh. What a day. Working is starting to piss me off. I’m looking for jobs that require writing, on the side. Difficulty is, I’m trying to keep ahead of these comics so I don’t shit out some crap stuff. Aw, dammit, Jack still hasn’t made one for Sunday yet. That fuckstain.

I’m thinking about getting some kind of logo to put in the top left corner of every comic. What do you guys reckon? Anyone want to design one? I’m lazy.

I’m going to try and put in a link to the Archives on all the comics this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be easier to browse through this that way.

Also, we broke 3,000 hits today. Good work gang.


Love ya Alex.

I’ll write more later. Epic, fantastic, brilliant weekend. Need a shower.

Also, before I do that: check out Movie-Moron for a comic that hasn’t gone up here! Special! Exciting! Fun!


Weekend was fantastic. Went to see 3 of the 4 dates TNA Wrestling was in the UK on their first ever (sold out!) tour. Phenomenal stuff, met several wrestlers and all. And yesterday I went to a press preview of the TNA game (I be a professional likes that) and I can exclusively reveal that the TNA iMPACT! videogame utterly fucking rocks – even though my friend Charles and I were playing a several month-old buggy demo of the game, it kicks the SHIT out of Spankdown Vs Whore. Amazing.


Alex\'s fault. Totally not mine.

First: Alex wrote this. He calls it “a distillation of all our conversations in one”. Thank you very much for this, mate. Hope Jack doesn’t mind. Although he is right about me being a fat bastard. Alex is skinny – he lives on energy provided by computer screens.

Second, it looks pretty good, I think. The art style is pretty good. I like where it’s going. I looked back at the early ones the other day and wondered why the hell I even put them up. It bodes well for however long I do this.


One of Jack’s oldest and bitterest enemies returns: Billy the Hatchetman! Last time they met, the Hatchetman killed three of Jack’s sexiest lovers… what awaits him this time? Tune in for “Spartan and the Warlord” RIGHT NOW.