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The old boy’s unemployment has seen him completing a hell of a lot of games. It’s good for something, I guess.



We moved… then disaster struck.


And so the story of Thomas, friend, foe, fiend and all-round greedy fat ginger cat, comes to its close.


GUMO #123 - Supervisors

Thank you, Alex. It’s been a good run remembering all the strange times trapped in the world of computers. Next week: something different.


GUMO #122 - Working With Those 'Abuv You'

One more from Alex. I suppose I should start thinking of something to draw for after that.


GUMO #121 - Clinging to Sanity

Alex’s recollections of working for an evil IT company will keep us entertained just a little while longer. Please enjoy the Last of the Mohicans theme song:



GUMO #120 - Phone Call From Libby

I’m probably going to have to sort out my schedule somewhen soon. In the meantime, I’ve decided to go the opposite way with the comic and have fun drawing as opposed to spending so much time and energy learning Photoshop.



Ah… and I’m back. Sorry this went up late. I spent a very nice day drinking from a ready-made cocktail and having fun in the sun.


Woo yeah this one looks fracking awesome!

I really like how this one came out. Adding in shadows and backgrounds actually works well in the monotone colours here and the result is something really quite good. The final panel doesn’t look quite so good, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in such a long shot. Bah!

Tune in Queezelsday for a brand new one-shot adventure: “Doomsday”! Featuring all your favourite recurring characters in a musical spectacular! Dances! Prances! Naked lust played out in song form! Dont miss it for the love of God!


Woohoo style change!

Here we go – a style change.

I was getting annoyed with how the last comic came out, so I looked back through the archives. It was then that I realised the only comic I really liked the look of was Celebrations. So I decided, ‘to hell with it’ and threw away all the greys.

I like the look of this one. It works really well and, considering it’s the first time I’ve done it, it looks halfway decent. I’m nearly happy with it.

Next week:

After the shocking revelation that Mikiko is pregnant with Jack’s baby from that super-hot threesome, our hero must come to term with himself. This can only mean one thing: a reunion with his ex, Kizuki! Tears, fears and blistering sexual tension: “The Way We Were” begins yesterday!