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GUMO# 118 - Housecat 7 - Big Fat Furry Ginger Alarm Clock

He was fine and continues to wake us all up at stupid o’clock.


Woohoo style change!

Here we go – a style change.

I was getting annoyed with how the last comic came out, so I looked back through the archives. It was then that I realised the only comic I really liked the look of was Celebrations. So I decided, ‘to hell with it’ and threw away all the greys.

I like the look of this one. It works really well and, considering it’s the first time I’ve done it, it looks halfway decent. I’m nearly happy with it.

Next week:

After the shocking revelation that Mikiko is pregnant with Jack’s baby from that super-hot threesome, our hero must come to term with himself. This can only mean one thing: a reunion with his ex, Kizuki! Tears, fears and blistering sexual tension: “The Way We Were” begins yesterday!



Just a short one, all in black and white. Fuck you, black is so a colour. I actually like this. Short, to the point, fun to make and looks reasonably like what I wanted. If I can get the inking right, this will be bitchin’.

And this nearly happened the night my dissertation was done. Ouchie.