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GUMO# 118 - Housecat 7 - Big Fat Furry Ginger Alarm Clock

He was fine and continues to wake us all up at stupid o’clock.



GUMO #117 - Professionalism - Another Day at the Office

Luckily, Alex has now escaped the madness of IT work and will be entering his final year soon. Put off leaving as long as possible, mate!


GUMO #116 - My Job - Test Monkey

Thanks to Alex for this week’s comic, cheers mate! He’ll be writing next week’s one as well, provided a small snipping of the dialogue takes place.


GUMO #115 - For Truth and Justice

I was slightly rushed for time this week, so I chose to spend a little time learning these background things. I went back to black and white because I’m more comfortable with it. More effort next week, promise.


GUMO #114 - The Merchant of Venice and the Idiot of Bristol

My faith in the banking system was shaken by this play.


GUMO #113 - Must Be Sonar

The play was actually very good, thank you for asking. It was The Merchant of Venice. Libby was phenomenal.


GUMO #112 - Run! Get To The Job Centre!

Two months since he started. Two months of this, day in, day out.

And Triad murderers.


GUMO #110 - Conversations With Triad Murderers (1)

GUMO #111 - Conversations With Triad Murderers (2) 

 He meets so many strange people in his job…

I know I’d be pissed if I had to wait a week to get another comic based around the same topic, so here you go. Don’t say I don’t treat you, because I just did.


GUMO #109 - Fry-Gate

The offending item has not been used. It’s been three weeks.


GUMO #108 - His Day In Paradise

Poor Jack. His boss is a maniac.