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I had this one ready to upload last week. Don’t know why it didn’t. Been cracking on with my own projects lately.

The Walking Dead: Episode Four
The Walking Dead: Episode Five
The Walking Dead: Episode Six
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Warren Spector On Epic Mickey’s Appalling Camera
Black Ops Sales Figures Are In
Biggest-Selling UK Games of 2010

Sonic Colors Review
Black Ops Becomes Seventh Biggest-Selling Game In US History
Dead Rising 2: Case West

Bond 23 Eyeing 2012?
Sam Worthington Apologises For Clash of the Titans
Scream 4 Trailer


Hey, how’s it going?

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, things have been hectic. I’ve got a new position at ThatGamingSite where I need to post game news everyday. I was also recently appointed the lofty position of Nintendo Editor over at ConnectedConsoles, something that’s hugely exciting for me (even now, two weeks later.)

I will be posting more stuff here soon – I have a few more Alltern8 links for you, as well as a buttload of game reviews. I’ve recently seen The Expendables, The A-Team and hope to see Inception (all of which will get the review treatment) and I’m listening to the new Iron Maiden album – again, review as soon as I can find the time to squeeze it in.

Stay frosty.