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Posted: June 18, 2008 in Musings
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So today my hit counter went off the freaking chain. Honestly, I have no idea why. Personally, I can imagine Alex sitting in front of his computer, desperately trying not to do his work, constantly reopening the page.

The previous best for hits was a comfortable 54. That was several weeks ago. Today it currently stands at a whopping 88. Eighty eight. I don’t even know 88 people! Awesome.

Which is why it’s so fucking frustrating that today is the day my copy of Photoshop decided to bugger up. That’s right. I had two comics almost ready, just needing a quick dialogue-up. Then PS breaks down and I’m stranded.

GUMO was going to suffer for a few weeks anyway – I’m moving out of my Uni flat to go back home as I write, and I’m going on holiday for a week and I had no idea when it would be updated – it’s just so annoying that it had to cock-up right at the point when I started becoming happy with the finished product. And I’m damn tough to please.

So, I shall try and crank out a comic for tomorrow, however, the dialogue will be hand written and there won’t be any black. Hell, at least it’s not a Dead Piro Day.