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GUMO #122 - Working With Those 'Abuv You'

One more from Alex. I suppose I should start thinking of something to draw for after that.



The Diary of Penny Langthorpe, Aged Ten and a Half


Daddy says that he has a holiday from work and so we are all going to Snowpoint City for a whole week! I’m really excited because I get to go away from school for a week and away from horrible Sarah Davis and her stupid face.

Mummy says that it will be snowing when we go and the snow will be so deep we will have to hold onto my sister Marie extra tight so she doesn’t sink and get lost! I don’t believe her, but I don’t want Marie to fall in the snow and get lost.


Work has let daddy use the company Staraptor so we can fly up to Snowpoint City! I’m very excited, I have never flown anywhere before. Mummy says we have to hold on very tight and we will be strapped in so we don’t fall out. I will be sitting with daddy and Marie will be sitting with mummy.


Snowpoint City is very cold. We flew in and daddy showed us the house we will be staying in. it is a very nice house and Mr and Mrs Johnson are the people who run the holiday house and they are very nice.

Mummy and daddy made us tea while me and Marie had a snowball fight. I won but she cried because she got too cold. She had some hot tea and then we built a snowman.

There are some strange Pokémon here I have never seen before. Mr Johnson told me that because it is so cold in Snowpoint City, the only Pokémon they can catch nearby are special ones that can work in the ice. His favourite Pokémon is a Weavile that cuts firewood all day to keep the house warm.


Last night there was a very loud noise that woke me up. Mummy and daddy said they didn’t hear it, but I heard a loud noise and felt the house shaking. The snowman had fallen over in the night.

Daddy wanted to take us to the temple today, but it’s closed and only the best Pokémon trainers are allowed inside. I thought daddy was the best Pokémon trainer in the world because he has an Ivysaur and I have never seen another one of those.

We went to the gym instead today to watch the Pokémon battles. It was very exciting but Marie fell asleep. A man called Rival came and challenged the gym leader and beat him – the gym leader said this is very rare and we were lucky to see it.

I helped Marie fix the snowman before we went to bed. I like this place very much because I like the snow – we don’t have snow at home in Solaceon Town.


The house shook again in the night. Mummy was worried about things called ‘afulanchez’ where a big snowball flattens a town, but Mrs Johnson says that the City is protected by many Pokémon and there has never been a big snowball ever.

Just to be safe, me and Marie made a wall of snow around the house to stop the big snowball.

The snowman had something on it today, it looked like a wild Pokémon had come and bitten it. Marie was upset, but I said it was funny that a Pokémon would bite a snowman.


I saw some trees that were outside the city fall over on their own. Mummy didn’t believe me, but trees don’t fall over like that. I went to see them and it was like they had been cut away from underneath the ground, like their roots had been cut by something moving by them.

It is very strange, so me and Marie played detectives all day in the snow looking for clues. She found a feather.

The snow is deeper. One of the shops has sunk into it a bit.


A lot of Staraptors have been circling the City in the air all day. Mrs Johnson said she can’t think why because birds don’t like the cold weather up here.

I think they’re here to make sure we have a nice time in the snow.


The ground shook again last night. It woke up everyone in the City because we all came outside in the night to see what was going on. Nobody knows. I think it’s the snow getting deeper and that’s how it does it.

There were more Staraptors in the air today. They keep landing on the houses and looking down at us. I think they’re cute.

I saw a new Pokémon I’ve never seen before today. It was like a huge snake made out of metal and it came from under the ground. It was bigger than all the buildings in the City!

Tomorrow I’m going to go and find the hole it came from and ask it to stop making the ground shake.

Pokémon Platinum Diary: Week 9

Dear Sirs,

Leave me in peace, paperclip!

I apologise for the length of time it has taken me to send more details of my adventures. I have become severely disturbed by what may or may not be happening on this island.

I stopped to rest along route 218 on my way to Canalave City, in order to take a drink of water from my canteen and take stock of my thoughts. I discovered I was rather more tired than I had anticipated and soon fell into a deep, yet troubling, sleep.

I had a horrendous dream that afternoon. I was looking down from above at my prone body, sleeping under the shade of a honey tree. I could see several Pokémon slowly, tentatively, approaching me. A Krickitune emerged from the long grass and poked my bare arm with a sharp prong. My body did not move.

More and more Pokémon began to emerge from the long grass and approach my prone figure, splayed out beneath the honey tree.

A Buizel tore at my trousers with its sharp teeth and ripped a hole in them. As I stirred, a Shinx and a Bidoof held my hands together while a Ralts tied them together with twine.

As I watched, unable to help my sleeping figure, I willed myself to open an eye. As I did, I could see myself looking up at a Meditite that sat on my chest. It gazed at me with raw hatred and punched me in the face.

I woke up with a start and examined myself. Gentlemen, it horrifies me to say that this events was not a dreamed. I do appear to have been mauled by wild Pokémon. I am terrified for my life and I am going to investigate whether or not this has happened before. Perhaps Pokémon are more aggressive in the eastern parts of the Sinnoh Region.

I hope I can tell you more at a later date.

Pokémon Platinum Diary: Week 6

Dear Sirs,

No thank you, paperclip, I am quite adept at constructing communiqués without help.

I am pleased to report progress in my investigation. I have obtained the fifth gym badge of eight and my quest is reaching its end. Most of the Pokémon available for capture in this region have been seen by my Pokédex and I am confident of success in my mission.

On the subject of my Pokédex, I must again voice a concern of mine that has begun to unsettle me. Just the previous day I managed to capture a wild Skorupi that wandered across my path. All was well and normal until I examined the creature with the Pokédex. It was then I noticed how quiet everything had become.

I was surrounded by woodlands that were teeming with life. Wild creatures were roaming the woods, jumping between the trees, calling to each other, hunting food. Once my Pokédex was revealed, however, all the noise around me seemed to stop. It was deeply unsettling. I cannot understand quite what happened.

Slowly I turned off the Pokédex and put it back into my pocket. My nerves were on edge. So soon after the incident with the Pachirisu…! The sound had just died… vanished. I felt the eyes of the many hundreds of creatures upon me. It seems like madness, I know, but I felt them all observing me in that moment. Only the hissing of the wind through the branches was left. All the natural sounds had left the landscape.

Quickly I packed up my belongings and rushed off. As I left the woods, the sounds began to return. It was as if, for that moment, the creatures were all paying close attention to me.

I do not understand what is happening. I must press on to Canalave City. The sixth badge awaits. I must complete my mission… the sooner the better.


Pokémon Platinum Diary: Week 5

Dear Sirs,

I write – go away paperclip – to you with grave concerns regarding the Pokémon on the island of Sinnoh. Just the other night I discovered a Pachirisu scavenging inside my backpack. Given that the diet of these creatures consists of berries, I could not at first understand why I had woken up to see the familiar long white tail topped with three blue spikes poking out from the opening of my backpack.

I sat immediately upright to find out what was going on. The Pachirisu stared at me, its dead grey eyes locked onto mine. The moonlight glinted off its bucktoothed grin. A small static charge briefly lit up its yellow cheeks, almost a flush of anger. I even swear I heard it hiss at me – certainly something I have never heard a Pokémon to do.

As soon as I made to move towards the creature to scuttle it away, it gave off an even bigger electrical charge. This one, I could tell, was a severe warning. I was suddenly afraid. What could this white electric-powered squirrel do to the average man? Would I last long enough to cry for help?

I began to slide my hand very slowly under the pillow my head had been resting on just moments earlier. If I could reach one of the Pokéballs hidden beneath the pillow, maybe I could scare the creature off.

It was as if the Pachirisu knew what I was thinking. It gave a short, barking laugh, twisted with cruelty. Just off to my left, a bush suddenly shook as if a Pokémon had left it very suddenly. It distracted me from the creature ransacking my belongings, for, when I looked back, the Pachirisu was gone.

This would not be so unusual, gentlemen, but the Pachirisu in question was already captured, I am sure of it, which leads me to the disturbing realisation that the Pokémon can escape from their Pokéballs at will.

I have spent the past few days thinking on this difficult and disturbing thought – what if the Pokémon are not our friends? I have been sent to Sinnoh to investigate the region’s claims of legendary Pokémon, but what if the Pokémon do not what to be investigated?

Sinnoh – and many other islands in this area of the Pacific, for that matter – has its entire economy founded on the backs of Pokémon. The creatures are used for fishing, farming, competitions, delivering mail, quick travel and many other things. If this were to collapse… I shudder at the thought, gentlemen.

I apologise for the negative tones of this letter. I shall continue on with my investigation. I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

Until the next time I am able to communicate, gentlemen.