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Steve, if you\'re reading this, Sally\'s been screwing with the gardener while you\'re out. I\'m sorry, bro, she made me promise not to tell. By the way, the gardner\'s not as big as you, at least in the trouser department. I guess it\'s because he buys her presents, know what I\'m saying? Show the woman some love now and again, man. See you at work tomorrow. 

I’ll be honest about this one. I’m currently pressed for time and made a right hash of it. It’s the last time I don’t ink by hand and erase the fucking pencil. Gah, what a mess.

Anyways, yesterday, for whatever reason, thirty one people came to see my little page, breaking my previous record by about four people. Hooray! One of the visits was because someone searched WordPress tags for “buttsex” and ended up at comic #3. Hence the ridiculous tags I’ve added to this one. Thank you to the thirty one visitors yesterday, or to the one person who came back thirty times.

Also, Sophie, if you’re reading this, which font is best? I couldn’t decide so I’ll let you pick from the five I used here. Cheers.

I’m unsure if there’ll be a comic on Tuesday. I have a fuckton of work to get done and it’s due in next Wednesday. Energy drinks, here I come.