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Shading too dark. First panel looks awful. Should have grey\'d up the second panel more.

Not much to say about this one. It was actually the first one of a batch I did (I have a tendency to draw about five or six comics in a row and then choose the best to ink and scan). I drew and grey’d it before Jack’s Rant and Debate, hence why it doesn’t look as good as those do.

I’m currently two weeks ahead on comics, so it’s pretty interesting to see how this comic inspired a change in art and style. I really don’t like how the first panel came out – the grey is too dark and I royally fucked up the eyes on Adam. Ah well.

Coming up next week: a change in style and the return of Jack’s arch nemesis: the Mangler of Savron IV! Don’t miss the epic conclusion to “Jack and the Monthronites”! Thrills! Spills! Chills! Grand revelations and the shock of the century: Who Is Sixby D’axonburg? Find out next Wedmoneusday!



Came out pretty good. Like three and four.

This actually happened a week or so ago. Jack got pretty worked up and started ranting… for about an hour. It was funny as hell. He’s been looking forward to seeing it in comic form, so here it is.

I have Tuesday’s comic ready, but due to some computer problems, I might miss Thursday. We’ll see how it goes. *EDIT* Ha! Nope, won’t be missing that. I’m a week ahead on comics. My aim is to pull well ahead so that I don’t have to worry about crapping out during the summer. It’s nice to be ahead. If only my 5,000 word essay was finished. BAH.

Now run, the Great and Terrible Owl is watching you!