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Yeah, this is sort of how our days go. Luckily, we won’t be doing this for much longer. Hooray!


The Epic Epilogue! Jack managed to save the Earth by flying the space ship into the moon, but it claimed the lives of Nina and Mitsuki. Now, the showdown: Jack Vs Sixby D’axenberg! A final battle on the moon! Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! A fight to the death in low gravity! “Ticklist of Death” will see the end of one person! Who will it be? Find out next time!



What’s this… two posts in two days? Have the walls of Hell broken? No. Calm down. Actually, I’m visiting a friend in Birmingham this weekend and I’m leaving later on today. I know when I’m reading a comic that I’d rather have my week’s fill than a crap filler art and a “Sorry!” message. (You hearing me, Piro?) So you get it a day early. This also means that there won’t be a Jack Day this week. But then again, he hasn’t drawn me one. 😛

Also: the best tag I’ve ever had for the comic is “literotica”. Just throwing that out there.

Next week:

After single handedly nuking an entire city with his rage, Jack sets off to a distant planet, intent on forgetting everything. But how can he when Mikiko’s ghost follows him everywhere? “Let Go Of My Past” begins today at 18:56. Don’t miss out!