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GUMO #107 - Race Work

“What happened last week?”

Well, I’ll tell you, if you’ll put the spatula down and listen. We had a power cut. A big one. Broke the router – still not sure how, although I’m impressed with the power of the cut and disappointed in the strength if the router.

“And why is this up on a Wednesday?”

Jesus, you ask a lot of questions, don’t you? I’m changing things up around here. I had several epiphanies in the past few days – like buses, they all turn up at once, typical. This particular epiphany told me that I wasn’t happy with how things were – this I knew. I asked the epiphany to hurry up, but it wasn’t listening. I think it, too, had a spatula to distract itself with.

The epiphany continued until I realised just how much time I had put into making GUMO for so long and I came to realise that the last comic I made that I actually liked was this one. That was three months ago.

So I’ve decided to calm down on the comic front. Why make two comics a week that I’m not happy with when I can make one comic and be reasonably pleased with the results? Plus, this will give me more time outside staring at my computer screen at stupid hours of the morning. Maybe I could get more sleep.

“Are you finishing the comic?”

No, champ. I’m going to update every Wednesday – subject to change, naturally – and I will keep doing the written weekend updates, because they are genuinely fun to do.

“Where do babies come from?”

Go back to your spatula.

EDIT: Fixed broken link. Whoops. 


Short Break

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Musings
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Alright folks, I was away all last week and have run out of comics to post up. So I’ve decided to take this week off to recharge and get some drawings done. I’ll try and talk Jack into doing something for Sunday, but it takes a hell of a long time to motivate him. Seriously. Like trying to get a walrus to ice skate.


Number 50! Smegging heck.

It’s a milestone. Personally, I never thought I’d make it past five. I was amazed when I went back to make number eight. Then I was amazed I made it to twenty. Now I’m at fifty, I’ve finished University and I’ve moved house and it’s still going. Nice.

I’ll be slapping my back more on Saturday with a proper special. Until then, I’m returning to University for my graduation tomorrow. See you this weekend!


In case anyone is confused by the final panel, when watching House, you need to yell “BOO” when House appears in the opening titles, and “RIVER”, when the random shot of the river appears in the same credits. Yeah. In-joke. Good one.

Jack, start making next week’s one already! Don’t leave it until the day before again!