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GUMO #119 - Love and Veg

Proof that I need to draw more often, methinks.




Jack returned from his private dance bearing a smile the size of a small country. When pressed for details, he would only inform me of his rather excited reaction to a particularly erotic encounter he experienced. With this in mind, he encouraged me whole-heartedly to get “my head in the game” and receive my own private dance. Kira returned to our corner and soon propositioned me. I could not turn down a second opportunity.


I kinda like how it came out. The trees (splodges) were fun to do. I’m enjoying making these comics more and more – the black and white look is really simple to do and really fun. It comes out looking pretty damn good, too.

And, yes, this was a real incident. Alex, would you like to say anything?

Tune in next time for the greatest romantic horror ever conceived:

“With All My Blood!” When a vampire falls for a magic scarecrow, the enemies of the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron attempt to use the romance for their own ends. Can Jack’s girls survive an assault on eight fronts? Not likely! See you next time!


Speech bubbles came out quite well. Like the cute chibis in the last panel

Another Tuesday, another comic.

This one is based on a real incident. For some reason, whenever Alex and I get together, the conversation inevitably turns towards the finer points of Star Wars/ Star Trek/ Batman/ Doctor Who/ Indiana Jones (delete as appropriate.)

The comic came out fairly well. I think the bubbles are okay for telling who’s speaking, which was a fun experiment. The grey colours are nice and clear too. Lots of depth from Mr Light Grey and Professor Dark Grey. More on Thursday. I have a thousand words to write (and I keep getting distracted by playing with Photoshop, to spectacularly awesome results.)