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I got bored of black and white. Gonna try and do some experiments for a while. I’m getting fed up of the style, but the problem is the amount of time I have to make each of these…

Today’s comic is compiled with actual quotes from our friends Spanner and Tink. They are awesome and hilarious. If it helps how you read it, Tink is a Geordie.



Pretty Meh. I can\'t tell if the bubbles are grey or white. MY eyes hurt. Where I am? What day is it?

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s a little something from the depths of my private life. One of those real “why would you even say that?” moments that only 2am tiredness can bring. Ah well.

As for the comic itself, it doesn’t look too bad, the greys came out quite well, still adding plenty of fun depth to the drawing. The only problem is that big white patch on Cohbie’s face in panel 2. What the hell was that about? Anyway, the style is getting kinda stale now, and the greys are hurting my eyes. I made this one several weeks ago and I still don’t know if the speech bubbles are white or grey. If you can see clearly enough to decide, please let me know. And now, for the original:

Yeah, nothing to say about this, really.

I drew the original to this months ago. It was one of those comics I liked the joke for, and was confident that I could make something good out of it, but I had no idea what was wrong with the layout and refused to work on it until I knew what it was. Then I realised that it looks really bloody stale and boring. Condensing four panels to three made the list of commands seem much more demanding, making the eventual snap funnier. Also, I was going to do this in chibi style, which clearly wasn’t going to work. It’s funnier if the final panel is all in chibi style, especially if the joke is as silly as the characters look. (Or you run out of space… that happens a lot to me.)

Tune in next time:

After Sixby’s stunning revelation, Jack has no choice but to reform the Super Kawaii Save The World Squadron,  but is it too late? With Morgotron’s influence spreading throughout the galaxy and the mighty Imperial Death Fleet heading for Earth, what chance do five teenage schoolgirls have? They aren’t even armed! New epic storyline “The Past Ends Tomorrow” begins next Friday! Don’t miss a second!


Speech bubbles came out quite well. Like the cute chibis in the last panel

Another Tuesday, another comic.

This one is based on a real incident. For some reason, whenever Alex and I get together, the conversation inevitably turns towards the finer points of Star Wars/ Star Trek/ Batman/ Doctor Who/ Indiana Jones (delete as appropriate.)

The comic came out fairly well. I think the bubbles are okay for telling who’s speaking, which was a fun experiment. The grey colours are nice and clear too. Lots of depth from Mr Light Grey and Professor Dark Grey. More on Thursday. I have a thousand words to write (and I keep getting distracted by playing with Photoshop, to spectacularly awesome results.)